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After five years in operation, Tregolwyn Book Reviews has ceased to operate and will no longer publish any new reviews.
This decision results from the site owner no longer having the time to spend on the project.  If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us in the usual way.

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In the time since Tregolwyn Book Reviews came into existence, we've had much support and many compliments and messages of thanks from the writing and reading world (plus, of course, one or two criticisms which we've tried to take on board).
Unfortunately the time has come to "wind down".  The site will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, but will not be updated after mid-2008.
The reviews on these pages may be freely reproduced and quoted from without permission, provided that Tregolwyn Book Reviews is acknowledged.

If you're thinking of contributing a review, or have something you want reviewed, see:

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Right of a voice - Rhys Jones & Lolita Ray
A unique blend of words and images


The latest offering from Linda Lavid is a writer's manual:

Composition, A Fiction Writer's Guide for the 21st Century

The book is available worldwide and can be ordered from any bookstore. Identifying information: Aventine Press, ISBN:1-59330-476-5, Cover price:$10.95

"At last! Linda Lavid has written a definitive work on writing and publishing fiction in the 21st century. Filled with useful information presented in a concise, sometimes humorous manner, "Composition" will delight both veteran and beginner writers."- Jeanne Treat, author of Dark Birthright

"Composition is a wonderful read. Down to earth, easily understood and very relevant for the independent writer of today. Simply great." - Helene Lee, author of Bittersweet Decision: The War Brides 40 Years Later

"With sparse prose and a scalpel's precision, Linda Lavid cuts right to the bone on composition. We ride the blade with wondering eyes, learning more and more about the anatomy of writing with each layer we pass." - Gary Earl Ross, author of Shimmerville:Tales Macabre and Curious and the Edgar Award-winning Matter of Intent




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