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WELCOME to the Tregolwyn book review pages

Tregolwyn is an imprint founded by Deborah Fisher in response to the stranglehold on the publishing industry currently held by huge firms whose only interest is in profit. Obviously they can't be blamed for that - they have employees and overheads, and can't afford to take risks on unknown writers.

But we don't believe that the public only wants to read whodunnits, blockbusters and books by celebrities.


Cover photo by Rhys Jones

Reviews of "A Gower Story" by Deborah Fisher (Tregolwyn, 2001)

Dean Powell in the "Western Mail":

"A bright, sparky and thoroughly enjoyable read."

Melanie Daley in "Big Issue Cymru":

"Sitting in a tank of poisonous snakes for half an hour would be decidedly more fun."

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