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by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

As a published author many people may think that you can simply sit back and let the publisher do all your promotion and advertising for you. But as a former publicist and, more recently, an author of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, Carolyn Howard-Johnson knows better, and continues to work tirelessly to promote her own books. But what is unique in Carolyn’s approach is her belief that authors should work together to promote their work.

Gleaned from years of experience and successful promotional efforts, Carolyn Howard-Johnson has compiled a unique and incredibly comprehensive guide on how to do it yourself.

The Frugal Book Promoter shows us how you need to brand yourself as an author, and not just your books. Exposure is a word used often. In her book she explains how you must let people know who you are and what you write, and backs this up with a prolific amount of ways to do this; from blogging to writing articles (even for free), and also writing book reviews. It’s so simple, and in most cases completely free. She emphasises that everything you publish, be it with a tagline or not, is publicity. Even if you write for free, the tagline at the end could well result in book sales, so effectively you are likely to get paid indirectly. These publications wouldn’t have paid you anyway, and you would have to pay for advertising, so in a sense you are working for your advertising. And of course you are writing, which is what a writer wants to be doing.

This is just one of the invaluable lessons offered in the Frugal Book Promoter, which is an absolute treasure chest of priceless information, and not only inspires you to overcome your fear of promoting, but also contains many useful websites to help you get started. In order to bookmark all the useful reference points, I’ve committed the ultimate sin with this book by folding over numerous page corners (something I never do with a book).

As well as tips on how to gain exposure, the book also teaches you how to put together a media kit, write an outstanding query letter to an editor, helps you understand what would illicit an editor’s interest and what would simply cause him to dismiss your query. She talks about the endless promotional opportunities in places that you never imagined possible, like Wikipedia and Amazon.

If you are an author then this is one book you cannot afford to be without. Written with Carolyn’s free-flowing and easy prose, the Frugal Book Promoter stands out head first above the rest and is the sort of book that you will always want to refer back to.


Open Book

ISBN 193299310X
Star Publish, 2004
288pp, paperback
Retail price

Review by Ian Middleton