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Success Stories

by Hazel K Bell

ISBN 0 9552503 3 1
HKB Press, 2006
24pp, pamphlet
Retail price 3

Hazel Bell is rapidly becoming a one-woman publishing industry - and good luck to her! If only more people had the confidence to do what Hazel has done, taking their work and that of their nearest and dearest and exposing it to a wider audience for the price of a cup of coffee. (Perhaps that's an exaggeration - let's say for the price of a caramel ristretto with whipped cream, but you know what I mean.)

Having said that, I have to admit I'm not clear about the purpose of this particular book. Yes, I know that it's a book of sketches, nine in total, all of them amusing and all of them very short - though some have more than one scene. But what is the intended audience? Why were the sketches written, and who is to use them? They are the kind of thing that might, perhaps, work in an amateur concert, perhaps a concert put on by the Women's Institute, for whom Hazel Bell's mother, Kay Macaulife, wrote many short plays.

There is not a lot more that can be said without spoiling the content of the booklet for potential readers. If you are looking for short sketches to be performed in the kind of event mentioned above, then these could well be useful to you, but they will not provide enough material for a whole show.



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Review by Deborah Fisher