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Success Stories

by Kevin Staniec

ISBN 09776007 0 X
ISMquarterly, 2006
78pp, paperback
Retail price $7.95

Open Book

Review by Nancy Golas-Flinn Ludwin

Kevin Staniec was born in Chicago and raised in Southern California and graduated from the School of Film and Television at Chapman University. The book was written and photographed by Mr. Staniec who currently is a teacher in the Creative Writing Conservatory at the Orange County High School of the Arts. He is an independent filmmaker, the editor/publisher of ISM quarterly and the author of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and screenplays.

"When fate finds fiction anything can happen…a story of love from a man’s perspective." Thus starts this little book of emotional banter. Beautifully written in a free style prose, love and all its stages are poetically analyzed, dissected, digested, dismissed and returned all in one breath. The narrative rap, speaks to all who have rambled in our own heads about the rapture and heartache of love.

Albeit somewhat unconventional as a fiction piece, the author writes convincingly about how important love is, in lines such as:

"The second we were separated from our Mother, we were left alone in this world. Until we found another heart to accompany the rhythm of our life we will never know what it is like to live. Hearts were meant to beat together."

The author shows us that even from a man’s perspective, love feels the same. This is a very thought-provoking book to read with some beautifully composed lines to enjoy.