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Dangerous Medicine

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by Jane Toombs


ISBN 1 59279753 9
Amber Quill Press, 2006
320pp, hardback and paperback
Retail price $18 (hardback), $13.99 (paperback)


Sometimes your past follows you wherever you go, discovers Nurse Lynn Holley as she leaves home in Boston for a new job in sunny California. Smart, sexy and very efficient, red-headed Lynn tries to forget her old life and swears off falling in love, especially with another doctor. She comes to work as a charge nurse at Harper Hill’s Hospital but has a rough start when the seasoned staff, suspicious of her true motives, do not accept her.

When the very handsome Dr. Nick Dow shows more than an interest in feisty Lynn she tries to keep her true feelings from him and they find themselves in very unsettling situations. Their hot/cold relationship is put on hold when the hospital is plagued by bedlam and Lynn is caught in the middle deciding where her loyalty stands - to the staff that once shunned her or to the man that brought her to the hospital in the first place. Lynn, being a dedicated nurse, must choose how far she will go to protect her patients.

As much as Lynn tries to keep Nick away from the unwelcome baggage of her past life, he is swallowed in to the point where he is in deadly danger. What price must Lynn pay to save them both and once and for all get rid of the demons that have come back to haunt her?

Dangerous Medicine is an exciting glimpse into the real-life hospital drama and the daily care of patients with life and death issues. The plot, like the hospital, has many different rooms in which the reader is taken. The intrigue unfolds gradually and the reader is teased with small hints of mystery and then totally immersed when the details accumulate through the quick-paced events. Despite their obstacles, a building passion flows between the doctor and the nurse and we wonder if there ever can be a peaceful future for them.

An exciting tension-filled romance which will keep you guessing until the end!

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Review by Nancy Golas-Flinn Ludwin