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Ghosts from King Philip's War

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by Edward Lodi

ISBN 0976635631
Rock Village Publishing, 2006
153pp, paperback
Retail price $15.95

Ghosts from King Philip’s War is a well-researched collection of short stories about places in New England and ghostly visions that occur there. The stories are based on the horrific King Philip’s War, fought from 1675-1679; the two-year war took a deplorable toll on both sides. The brutality and savagery that occurred between settler and native Indian placed it as one of the worse wars fought on the American soil. Many of the Indians, who once befriended the English settlers in Plymouth, were completely obliterated in the war while others were captured and sold into slavery or died from starvation and exposure.

The stories go from the swamps and bog marshes where the mist creeps over the silent water, to the deepest forests where even the sun cannot go, to the thriving areas where settlements once stood - in search of the legends and tales of ghost sightings. Based on centuries old stories written or spoken, photographs accompany the tales. Both familiar and unfamiliar landmarks point the adventurer to the site where scrimmages occurred, where settlers were tortured or where Indians were captured and lost their heads.

The book also contains some very interesting tidbits about a witch who haunts a hidden cave, a centuries-old curse and tales of pirates marauding New England waters. These are all stand-alone stories and if read around a campfire nightmares are unquestionably guaranteed. A great book to pick up and read!

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Review by Nancy Golan-Flinn Ludwin