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Success Stories

A Move in the Weather

by Anthony Thwaite

As if

by Jo Colley

Chrome Red

by Durlabh Singh

Lost Head in Cors Caron

by Glyn Rhys


by Sam Smith

Pneumatrix: A Poetic Soul

by Derly Andre


by Justin Calderone

Right of a Voice

by Lolita Ray & Rhys Jones

Seasons in the Sun

by Rhidian Jones

Selected War Poems

by Richard Aldington

Spilling Histories

by Clare E. Potter

Sucking at Sticky Fingers

by Emily Hinshelwood

The Dark Side of Life vs The Bright Side of Life

by Veronica Lamont

The Holding Ground

by Angela Morton

The Will

by Dora Beale Polk

Tidings from Deep Sky

by Pat Forster


by John Agard

Where the Angolans are Playing Football

by Landeg White

Yesterday's Tomorrow

by Alun Rees