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Success Stories

A Book of Welsh Birthplaces

by John May

A Flat-Pack in Greece

by Eva Goldsworthy

Aged Thirteen in Felpham/ At Chi High 1949-1951

by Hazel K Macaulife

A Historical Tour around Mynyddislwyn Mountain

by Len Burland

A Midhurst Lad

by Ronald Boxall

A Stage Mother's Story: We're Not All Mrs Worthingtons!

by Hazel K Bell 2002: pathways to publication

by Bernie Ross & Trevor Lockwood

A-Z of Education

by Chris O'Kalan

A-Z of Welsh Clerics

by Roger L Brown

Book Marketing from A to Z

by Francine Silverman

Charles Hamilton Sorley

by John Press

Diary of a Reading University Student 1954-1956

by Hazel K Macaulife

Disappeared off the Face of the Earth

by Jim Cairns


by Michael Brown

Edmund Blunden and the Great War: Recollections of a Friendship

by Alan Byford

Edward Thomas: All Roads Lead to France

by Christopher Saunders

Facing the Palace

by John Manley & David Rudkin

Fleeting Thoughts

by Michael McGan

Ghosts from King Philip's War

by Edward Lodi

Glamorgan Seascape Pathways

by Terry Breverton

Glyn Dwr's War

by G J Brough


by Philip Gardiner

Greek Grammar

by John Poly

Hot Footing Around The Emerald Isle

by Ian Middleton

How to Murder a Naked Woman

by Eliza Hemingway

How to Write Modern Poetry

by Geoff Tims

Indexing Biographies

by Hazel K Bell

Islam and Terrorism

by Anwar Shaikh

Jenny Bristow Light: Taste the Good Life

by Jenny Bristow

Journey Home

by Tonika Rinar

Jumping Lightyears

by Dr H

Kay Macaulife: Women Take the Stage

edited by Hazel K Bell

Letters from Afghanistan

by Eloise Hanner

Letters to the Contemporary Church

by Timothy Mark

Living by the Truth

by Lillian C Larry

Mary Bennett: an Autobiography

by Mary Bennett


by Susan Wilkinson

Moods of Future Joys

by Alastair Humphreys

Mysterious World: Ireland

by Ian Middleton & Douglas Elwell

No Soft Incense: Barbara Pym and the Church

edited by Hazel K Bell

Of Boys, Men and Mountains

by Roy Tomkinson

Place-Names of Glamorgan

by Gwynedd O Pierce

Richard Aldington: the Selected War Poems

edited by Michael Copp

Roses and Rain

by Heather Walker

Shadows in a Landscape

edited by Martin Wibberley

Social Dimensions in the Novels of Barbara Pym, 1949-1962

by Orna Raz

Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation

by Chan Park

The Colours of My Life

by Annette Stannett

The Frugal Book Promoter

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The London Scene

by Virginia Woolf

The Neglected Firm

by Jorge Vasconcellos e Sa

The Old Parish Churches of Gwent, Glamorgan and Gower

by Mike Salter

The Open Cage

by Phoebe Raddings

The Reality Break Interviews

by Dave Slusher

The Shining Ones

by Philip Gardiner

The Ultimate Philosophy

by Jon Will

The Welsh Language

by Cennard Davies

T. P. Cameron Wilson

by Merryn Williams

Understanding Salvation

by Lillian C Larry

by Dan Poynter & Danny O Snow

Urchin: a Child of War

by Garry Shaw

Waking the Dead

by Don Cox

We Lived with a Mountain

by John McGourty

Welsh National Heroes

by Alun Roberts

Welsh Valleys Characters

by David Jandrell

Women Are Our Only Hope

by Anthony DiGiorgio