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by Robert Finn

Alberich and Friends

by Ian Runcie

A Listing of the Holdings of the National Museum of Romance

by Soren Narnia

All Parts Together

by Tom Mach

American Ambition

by John Hamilton Allen

And Such Great Names As These

by Allen Makepeace

And This Was My Happy Ending

by Kevin Staniec

Beloved Brit

by Helen Faye

Black Rose

by Resa Rowland


by Eugen M Bacon

Broken Men and Fallen Women

by Rod MacDonald


by Alan Winning-Wyatt

Chinese Fables

by Mary W Ng

City of Man's Desire

by Cornelia Golna

Cold Fire, Calm Rage

by Joe Stein


by Michael J. Cavallaro

Dance Me on the Table

by r muir

Dangerous Medicine

by Jane Toombs

Dark Birthright

by Jeanne Treat

Dark Covenant

by Peter Luther

Days of Allison

by Eric Shapiro

Déjà Vu

by Ian Hocking


by Perry Crowe

Dragon of the Mangroves

by Yasuyuki Kasai


by Elisha Porat


by Shaun Jeffrey

Far from Paradise

by Bren Yarbrough Bruhn


by Tara West

Frenching Violet

by Gary Marchal

Glorious Revenge

by Rocsanne Shield

Harry's Troubled Life

by Joshua Hartzenberg

Heroes in the Dust

by Jennifer Macaire

Isabella: Queen without a Conscience

by Rachel Bard

It's Only Temporary

by Eric Shapiro

Japanese Love Song

by John Edward Gill

Mean Mode Median

by Aliya Whiteley

Mirror My Soul

by N Y W Peacocke


by Simone Maroney

Naked Son

by George Asimos

New Britain KZ1

by Robert Oldham

Nobble Hospital of the Aegean

by Paul Judges


by Kirk Alex


by Linda Lavid


by Ian McLachlan


by Gareth Ellis

Phantom Faces

by Melissa Amen

Politics and Patriotism: the Fisk Conspiracy

by Justin Oldham

Rainbow Dust

by Eleanor Roth

Romeo and Juliet: a Modern Day Sequel

by James Edwards

Saving the King

by Robert P Oldham

Secretarial Wars

by Linda Gould

Shenandoah Whispers and Echoes

by Tom Orrell

Something Must Be Done

by Dora Beale Polk

Star Brigade: First Renaissance

by C C Ekeke

Storms of Destiny

by T A Von Reiman

Team Player

by Biff Mitchell

The Cube Root of Time

by Herbert Cohen

The Crystal Chalice

by Sandra Brandenburg and Debora Hill

The Elixir

by Lori Soard

The Expendability Doctrine

by Patrick Mackeown

The History Student

by Graham Jones

The Legend of Juggin' Joe

by Joseph Yakel

The Miniature Man

by r muir

The Naphtali Chronicles

by T Anthony Truax

The Piaculum

by Richard Gray

The Priory

by Dorothy Whipple

The Rainbow Maker

by Mark Turley

The Seat

by Derek E Haskett

The Seventh Candidate

by Howard Waldman

The Songs of Angels

by G A Weston

The Spoiler

by Victor Ullrich

The Swallows of Kabul

by Yasmina Khadra

The Tale of the Shagging Monkeys

by Anthony Bunko

The Tempest

by S F Jones

The Virus Doctors

by Noel Bruton

The War Bug

by Biff Mitchell

The White Raven and the Oak

by Margarett Mirley

The Wizard Master

by Allen Hall

Those Who Give

by Rosemary Cania Maio


by Wells Earl Draughon


by John F Deane

Wearing the Spider

by Susan Schaab

What Goes Around

by Chris Thompson

What Women Do

by Clare Woodward

Wicked Baby

by Tara Hanks

Wild Pet

by Rocsanne Shield

Withdrawal: a Novel

by Michael Hoffman


All Roads Lead to Merthyr

Blood, Sweat and Chump Change

by Kirk Alex

Collected Short Stories

by Michael McLaverty

Down to a Sunless Sea

by Mathias B Freese

Fair-Weather Friend

by Patricia Scanlan

Monterey Shorts

edited by Walter Gourlay, Chris Kemp and Frances Rossi

Monterey Shorts 2

edited by Chris Kemp, Byron Merritt and Ken Jones

Nude on a Fence

by Eliza Hemingway

Rented Rooms

by Linda A Lavid

Seven Tales of Centrix

by Sara John

Small Voices, Big Confessions

edited by Chris Lee Ramsden


by Kirsten Schmidt

Tales from the Labyrinth

by Michael Acton & Tony McNamara

The Curse of the Spear and Other Stories

by Eugen M Bacon

The Rainbow Man and Other Stories

by David Gardiner


by Rick Kennett


Danny and Life on Bluff Point: My Horse Sally

by Mary Ellen Lee

Fun with Miss Pringle

by Alison Charles

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom

by Teresa Saari

Santa's Magic Train

by Joseph J Caro

The Call to Shakabaz

by Amy Wachspress

The Pig Tale

by Angela Roberts

The Wizard Master

by Allen Hall

Where Peace Lives

by Debbie Robins


by Bridget Belgrave


Say It With Flowers

by Hazel K Bell