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Success Stories

Matt Freese's volume of short stories, Down to a Sunless Sea, was a finalist in the "popular fiction" category of the 2008 Arizona Book Awards, sponsored by the Arizona Book Publishing Association.

Eric Shapiro's novel, Rule of Three, has been made into a film, which was premiered at FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS Convention in Los Angeles on April 26th.  It stars Rodney Eastman ("Nightmare on Elm St." movies), Parry Shen ("Hatchet," "Better Luck Tomorrow"), and "famed Scream Queen" Tiffany Shepis

Great news for the start of 2007.  Cornelia Golna's classic novel of Constantinople, City of Man's Desire, has been translated into Greek and published by Synchroni Orizontes under the title Constantinopoli.  Advertisements for the book have even appeared on Greek television, and the future is certainly looking rosy for Cornelia.

Find out more about the book by reading our interview with Cornelia Golna

In March 2006, Monterey Shorts 2 was nominated as a finalist in Foreword magazine's Book of the Year competition, one of nine books selected from over a thousand entries!  The winner will be announced on May 19th.

Read our review of Monterey Shorts 2

Snowbooks was launched in 2004, and three of their titles have appeared on this site.  Their major success so far has been Robert Finn's Adept, which hit second place in the small publishers' fiction bestseller list that appears in The Bookseller.  A revised edition of Adept was published after the original review appeared here.

See our review of "Adept"

Snowbooks have also had some success with r. muir's The Miniature Man

See our review of "The Miniature Man"

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Books sold recently through our site link to Amazon:

Disappeared off the Face of the Earth

Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle

Jenny Bristow Cooks for the Seasons: Autumn and Winter

Jenny Bristow Light: Taste the Good Life

The Blue Book

The London Scene

The Shining Ones

We Lived with a Mountain


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Meanwhile, other sites have picked up the review of No Soft Incense, to the delight of the committee of the Barbara Pym Society.

See our review of "No Soft Incense"

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