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Far left: The author of "Princesses of Wales" - photo taken by Rhys Jones, LRCP, outside Ludlow Castle


Deborah Fisher and Christina Jones at the launch of a 2004 photographic exhibition by David Hurn at the Butetown Cultural Centre, Bute Street, Cardiff.  PHOTO BY RHYS JONES.


Guests at the launch of Clare Potter's book, Spilling Histories, by Cinnamon Press in November 2006. 



The grave of Siegfried Sassoon at Mells in Somerset. 
Sassoon self-published much of his early work.

Claire Potter, winner of the 2004 John Tripp Spoken Poetry Award.  PHOTO BY RHYS JONES.


Kay Macaulife in one of her many stage roles.  See:

Women Take the Stage

Photo courtesy of Hazel Bell.