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Siegfried's monogram. Used in letters to friends including Sola Pinto and Dennis Silk

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The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship was founded to celebrate the life and work of this remarkable author and man. We have around 200 members, mostly in the UK but also in countries as far-flung as the USA, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and Japan. The more members we have, the better the benefits we can offer them and the more frequent the events we can organise.


 The SSF was founded in 2001, following a successful event organised by Jane Middlebrook at Marlborough the previous year.  The founding president was Michele Fry, whose website,, continues to be the fount of all knowledge for those interested in Sassoon and the literature of the First World War.
This site has been created specifically to provide information about the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship, and will keep members and non-members up to date with our news and events.

George Sassoon, only son of Siegfried and Hester Sassoon, died on 8th March 2006.  The funeral took place on the Isle of Mull, and a memorial service was held at Heytesbury parish church.
George's only surviving child, Kendall Sassoon, is Patron-in-Chief of the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship.


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COMMITTEE 2009-2010
Chair: Meg Crane
Vice Chair: Phil Carne
Secretary: Deborah Fisher
Treasurer: Sam Gray
Publicity Officer: Peter Clinch
Committee members: Kayleigh Fitzgerald, Cynthia Greenwood, Christian Major, Irene McCready, Peter Rogers

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Kendall Sassoon
Lord Egremont
Dom Philip Jebb
Dom Sebastian Moore
John Stuart Roberts
Dennis Silk
Jean Moorcroft Wilson
Michele Fry

The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship is a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies.

This is a message from the Alliance of Literary Societies - to our member societies.
It is with much sadness that I have to announce the death of our President of six years' standing, Aeronwy Thomas.  Some of you will have already read about this in the newspapers.  Aeronwy was a good supporter of the Alliance and we shall certainly miss her.
She was supposed to be coming to Dublin with us in June but was diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia in May and had to undertake a course of chemotherapy.  Sadly she passed away in her sleep on Monday 27 July. 
Following cremation, Aeronwy's ashes were scattered at the Boathouse, Laugharne.

LATEST NEWS...  The SSF is going ahead with plans for a trip to Ieper (Ypres) as previously announced.  The provisional dates are Thurs 28 October - Sunday 31 October 2010If you would like to be kept in touch with developments, please contact the Secretary.

A very successful 2009 conference was held at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, on September 12th. 

Conference delegates in the Wood-Legh Room
at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

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View of Mametz Wood
Photo Julian Lander

Siegfried Sassoon ran from left to right along this line of trees to reach the German trench - where he sat down and read a book!


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New Sassoon bibliography website goes on-line

Head of Sassoon
by Alan Dun

Latest photos of Heytesbury House