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Past Events

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The 2006 AGM took place on September 9th, 2006.  Details may be found on the appropriate page.
On April 30th 2006, members of the SSF, led by Phil Carne and Christian Major, walked and rode around London visiting sites associated with Sassoon, including a guided tour of the Reform Club.
In March 2006, the SSF was represented at the memorial service for George Sassoon in Heytesbury Church.  In May 2006, we were represented at the AGM of the Alliance of Literary Societies, in Bath.
In November, 2005, several members attended the opening of the new Craiglockhart exhibition, which the SSF has sponsored.
The AGM and conference 2005 was held at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, on 1st October 2005.  This was the fifth AGM of the SSF, the first having been held in Malvern in 2001, the second in Cheltenham in 2002, and the third at the National Portrait Gallery, London, in 2003.
The 2004 AGM and conference took place in the Arts' Workers Guild, London.  (This conference was held jointly with the Wilfred Owen Association. )
Past speakers have included Jean Moorcroft Wilson, Neil Brand, Ann and Anthony Thwaite and Alistair McCleery.
In February 2005, a small group of members got together for a visit to the theatre, to see a production of Not About Heroes, Stephen Macdonald's two-hander about the friendship between Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.
May 2005: Sassoonites gathered in the Tithe Barn at Mells, Somerset, on Saturday, 28 May, for a conference organised by the War Poets Association.  Speakers were Jean Moorcroft Wilson, Michael McGarvie, Dom Philip Jebb and Dennis Silk.  On behalf of the SSF, Dennis laid flowers on the grave of Siegfried Sassoon, and Jean read an unpublished Sassoon poem at the graveside.

April 2005: Members were very sorry to hear of the death of Margo McRice, who was a founder member of the SSF.  Despite being geographically distant (Margo lived in California), she was a great enthusiast and a good friend to many of us.  We miss her very much.
It was with sadness that we also learned of the death of a former member, Dr Lionel Dakers.  Dr Dakers was a distinguished musician and a CBE.  Dr Dakers owned an impressive collection of Sassoon memorabilia, which was later auctioned at Christies.

August 2005: The literary magazine The Reader carried an article by Carolyn Johnson on Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to find out anything about Carolyn, and the magazine was unable to help us to contact her, so if you're reading this...

November 2005:
Napier University launched its War Poets exhibit at Craiglockhart (where Sassoon and Owen met) on Remembrance Day.

Cecil Woolf launched the new War Poets series with works on Aldington, Blunden,  Keyes and Alun Lewis.  To read a review, click on the link.

Click here to read review of Alan Byford's book on Edmund Blunden

We try to ensure that flowers are laid on Siegfried Sassoon's grave at St Andrew's Church, Mells, at least once a year, normally on Remembrance Day.
This action took place for the first time after a committee meeting at Mells, when Meg Crane laid flowers on the grave (see Photos page).  It was repeated on May 28, 2005, when Dennis SIlk, our Vice-President, laid flowers on the SSF's behalf during the War Poets' Association's Sassoon conference.  Speakers at this event included Dennis himself, Jean Moorcroft Wilson (who also laid flowers) and Dom Philip Jebb. 
Since November, 2006, Alan Lawson has laid the flowers annually on behalf of the SSF.