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Siegfried's Journal is published 2-3 times a year.  It contains scholarly and popular articles on all aspects of the life and work of Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967)
ISSN: 1758-5856
Editor: Meg Crane

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Siegfried's Journal no 15: January 2009
The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship visits Heytesbury House - Text and pictures by Alan Lawson
"Fathering Friend and Scientist of Good" - W H R Rivers and the Diffusionists by Alice Burley
T S Eliot, "The Nation", Massingham and Sassoon - George Simmers discovers a connection
Off-Road Poetry: a Tour of Boar's Hill
Footnote: the Shop on Parnassus
 - Christian Major and Philip Stewart on the Boar's Hill community of poets
Sassoon, John Drinkwater and the Georgians: Part III - Jess Owen concludes his article on Sassoon and the earlier "Georgian" poets
Sassoon MSS at Cambridge: a Preliminary Survey - Bob Miller visits St John's College and Cambridge University Library
Book Reviews - Cynthia Greenwood and Peter Clinch
Open House in London: Siegfried's Reform Club - Freddy Rottey visits Pall Mall
Notes and Queries

Siegfried's Journal no 13: January 2008
Autumn at Downside: Extracts from the diary of an anonymous committee member
Aftermath: France and Vietnam - Reflections by Jack Sturiano
The Last Days of Siegfried Sassoon - A letter by Dom Philip Jebb and a poem by Hilaire Belloc
Sassoon, Drinkwater and the Georgians - Jes Owen
Sassoon, Forster and the Reform Club: 1918-1957 - The fourth in Christian Major's series on Sassoon's London homes
To "Siegfried's Lines" and back - Chris Spriet considers Edmund Blunden's appraisal of Sassoon's early poetry
Memories of Siegfried Sassoon and Heytesbury House - Recollections by Susan Rankin
Cricket, Poetry and the Great War: Two Literary Events - A report by Deb Fisher
Aunt Evelyn Advises...
The Flower Show Match 2007 - Match report by Bob Miller
Notes and Queries

Siegfried's Journal no 12: July 2007
Siegfried's Other Journey - Part II of a lecture by John Stuart Roberts
Sassoon's London: The Reform Club - Part 3(i) of a series by Christian Major
"Memoirs of a Poetry-Writing Boy" - a review-article by Jean Moorcroft Wilson
Correspondence about Sassoon - A sequel by Jean Moorcroft Wilson
A Window on 1901 - Deb Fisher finds the Sassoon family in the census
Everyone Sang - SSF members visit the exhibition at the Francis Kyle Gallery
Mentioned in Despatches: the Flemish Harvest revisited: Part 1 - Chris Spriet writes about Hugo Claus, Michael Longley, and the business of translating war poetry
Book Reviews - by Chris Williams and Deb Fisher
Notes and Queries
Cocktails and an Evening in Amiens - Christian Major shares a few drinks with Siegfried Sassoon
Alliance of Literary Societies AGM
Aunt Evelyn Advises...
Notes and Queries


Siegfried's Journal no 9
Contents include:
Report on the 2005 Annual Conference
Sorley, Graves, Sassoon and Owen
Truths Written in Blood (Jean Moorcroft Wilson)
Sassoon on the Somme
Wilfred Owen: an Influence from Art?