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Why not help bolster the SSF funds by purchasing the attractive products available on this page? 

GOOD NEWS!  The SSF has acquired the remaining copies of the booklet produced in 1986 for the Sassoon Centenary celebrations at Matfield.  Note: these are "mint condition", not second-hand copies such as those that occasionally appear for sale on e-bay.  Furthermore, we have received a report from one of our members about defaulters on e-bay, who claim to be able to supply copies of this item and don't actually have them.
The attractive 32-page booklet has a colour cover illustration based on the engraving, "Quite Cricket", by Graham Clarke.  It contains articles, photographs, and a handy index to the real people behind the characters in Sassoon's Sherston trilogy.
As you will be aware if you have looked at e-bay or gone to an auction recently, Sassoon memorabilia is appreciating in value.  The SSF is offering the booklets to members at a price of 21 including p+p (non-members' price is 25). 


Back numbers of our publication Siegfried's Journal may be purchased (depending on availability) at a cost of 4.50 including p&p
Siegfried's Journal has been praised by members and independent critics for its attractive appearance and substantial content.  Each edition includes scholarly and popular articles on various Sassoon-related subjects; these are useful material for those researching World War I literature and related topics.


Siegfried's Journal no 9
Contents include:
Report on the 2005 Annual Conference
Sorley, Graves, Sassoon and Owen
Truths Written in Blood (Jean Moorcroft Wilson)
Sassoon on the Somme
Wilfred Owen: an Influence from Art?

Siegfried's Journal no 10 ("Sassoon 120" special issue)
Contents include:
Sassoon's Homes in London (part 1 in a series)
Dennis Silk and Siegfried Sassoon (part 1 in a series)
Review of Max Egremont's biography of Sassoon (Andrew Motion)
An Israeli War Poet - profile of Elisha Porat
"But things like that must be..." - a return to Flanders Fields

Siegfried's Journal no 11:
September in the Weald: an account of the 2006 conference
John Stuart Roberts - Siegfried's Other Journey
Christian Major - Sassoon's London Homes (part 2 in a series)
Graham Lampard interviews Dennis Silk
Phil Carradice - Poetry of the People
Philip Guest - An Eccentric and the Soldier Poets
Book reviews
Theatre review
Sassoon 120 cricket match report
Aunt Evelyn Advises...

The design, donated by our friendly photographer Rhys Jones, LRPS, is a suitably seasonal one, and is in black and white, which makes for an unusual, and (we think) rather classy Christmas card. The message inside reads "Compliments of the Season".


Available by mail order in packs of 5 at 6.50 including postage & packing (UK only) or 10 for 12.

Cards will be on sale individually and in packs of 5 or 10 at our forthcoming events.

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Please enclose a cheque for the appropriate amount, payable to "Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship".

A reminder of our postal address: SSF, P.O.Box 11, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7XT